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  • Outreach Ministries

    New Beginnings

    Empowering Faith, Transforming Lives!

  • Outreach Ministries of Jonesboro

    New Beginnings

    Jesus said, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” —Matthew 4:19

  • Outreach Ministries

    New Beginnings

    Called To Bring Hope To Those In Despair!

Spreading The Gospel

Welcome to New Beginnings Outreach Ministries of Jonesboro!

We are a dynamic and growing community of believers who are passionate about sharing the love of Jesus Christ with everyone. Our mission is to help people find new beginnings in their relationship with God and to live meaningful, purpose-driven lives.

Our Calling

New Beginnings Outreach Ministries promotes missions locally and globally in support of the ministries of the church, rendering to the needs of the sick and shut-in members and to the local and global communities.

Our purpose is to glorify and serve God. As missionaries, we accept God’s great commission to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ in the world. Our mission is to transform lives.

Our Ministries

Youth Ministry

5 to 17 years old

Provide opportunities for young adults to fellowship together and build community within New Beginnings Outreach Ministries and our local community.

Women's Ministry

18 years old and up

New Beginnings Outreach Ministries encourages, empowers and equips the women of the church to love God with all of their hearts, their minds, their souls and their bodies.

Men's Ministry

18 years old and up

The Brotherhood of New Beginnings Outreach Ministries is a united team of men dedicated to Christ and kingdom building by providing service throughout the church and community.

Deacon's Ministry

Our Deacon’s Ministry provides support to our pastor by helping him  spread the gospel to New Beginnings Outreach Ministries members and the local community.

Couple's Ministry

The New Beginnings Outreach Ministries Couple’s Ministry is dedicated to helping keep the sanctity of marriage undefiled by helping couples understand the importance of making God the glue that keeps their marriage intact.

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